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#11z "ZIPPY"

(Alyssa Hackart)

PA Micro Midgets is filled with talented drivers who have no fear when it comes to the track. Among them is Alyssa Hackart aka “Zippy”, a fourth-generation race car driver who began competing in the PA 300 Micro Midgets in 2023. Known for her competitive edge, Zippy brings the heat to the track every race, keeping her fans on the edge of their seats. In addition to being the PA Micro Midgets June 2023's Featured Rookie Driver, at the end of the 2023 season, Zippy was awarded the Most Improved Driver in the 300 class and she placed fourth in the overall year points.  Not bad for her first year! 

Zippy's family plays a vital role in her success, both on and off the track. Her mother's unwavering support has been a driving force behind her accomplishments.  Alyssa’s sister was the 2023 PA Micro Midget 500 division track champion, placing third out of 34 drivers for the season.  Alyssa and her sister continue to inspire us and each other with their passion and drive, lifting each other up and pushing each other forward.  Her “Bonus Dad” wears several hats from the team chauffeur to head mechanic, working tirelessly to ensure Alyssa and her sister have every tool possible for to reach their full potential.

Zippy also is unofficially considered the “MOST FUN” driver.  She's always smiling, up for a challenge, and a friend to everyone who crosses her path. Since her debut, her cheerful demeanor and competitive drive have made her a crowd favorite. She races with all her heart and always makes sure to bring a smile to her fans’ faces. With her positive attitude and fearless spirit, she makes every race an exciting experience for everyone involved.

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