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Protecting the PA Micro Midget Brand

The PA Micro Midget brand is more than a name, a series of motor race cars… it is how people think and feel about the PA Micro Midgets. It tells our story. It reflects our personality.  It is OUR dedication to dirt car racing and commitment to excellence in the motor sports industry.


PA Micro Midget Members are strictly prohibited from, including but not limited to 

  1. competing with or undermining services or activities offered by PA Micro Midgets

  2. misleading Members and/ or the Public into believing that they are gaining access to sanctioned PA Micro Midget races and events, when this is not the case


The misuse of the PA Micro Midget brand negatively impacts our Members, Host Tracks as well as Spectators. Protecting the integrity of the PA Micro Midgets brand is a priority. Proactive measures have been implemented to ensure PAMM brand is not used in any inappropriate or illegal contexts. Additionally, we monitor social media for any potential misuse of the brand. Finally, we swiftly take action against any misuse or infringement of the brand to protect the reputation. We reserve the right to take legal action against any individual or entity that uses (or implies the use of) our brand without proper authorization.

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