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Ryan Voland #13

April 2024 Driver of the Month

Ryan Voland is no less than a dirt car racing enthusiast. His passion for racing started with four-cylinder cars, and it has evolved into something much bigger over the years.  He has participated in various events, and each one has been a unique experience including scramble racing, figure 8s, demolition derby, legend cars and sport compact dirt racing. Today you will find Ryan pushing his skills to the limit and honing his competitive spirit, transitioning to the PA Micro Midgets 500 series.

Ryan resides in Middle River, Maryland with his fiancé, Megan. They love to spend time together and with their families when he’s not on the racetrack. Megan and Ryan are engaged to be married this October 2024. 


I've always been drawn to the thrill of the track. Today, I proudly run a 500 Micro Midget and stay true to my passion for racing. To get to where I am today, I've had to overcome many obstacles. But all the hard work is worth it when I'm out on the track, doing what I love.


Ryan has the support of his local Marketing Partners including:

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