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Photo, Video & Media Rights

Members agree that while attending any PAMM Event, PAMM may use your image or likeness in any photography and/or video that is captured while you are visiting the PAMM Event.  You agree that your image or likeness may be reproduced by PAMM or its designee in any advertising, website, promotional piece or video that PAMM or its designee creates whether for use at the Facility or for use in any advertising, broadcasting, media outlets or its designee chooses.  You agree that any captured image of you is freely given while at PAMM Events and that you will not attempt to restrict PAMM or its designee’s use of your likeness/image or seek compensation for same.  All rights to broadcast, record, photograph, repeat, reproduce or recreate PAMM Events are reserved by PAMM and its designee.  Those entering any PAMM Event agree not to take any action or cause others to take action which would infringe upon PAMM or its designee’s rights. 

Further, in consideration of attending any PAMM Event, Members agree to permit PAMM and its designee to use their names, photos and photos of their race cars for advertising and publicity before and after any PAMM Event, and to relinquish all rights to any photos or sell the same.



Members should not speak to the media on the PAMM’s behalf without contacting PAMM. All media inquiries should be directed to PAMM. 

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