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Rules & General Procedures

1.  Upon entering the Track/ Facility, Drivers and Participants agree to abide by all rules — and that all interpretations of rules are left up to Track Officials and PAMM Officials, who shall have final say in all matters, questions and protests.


2.  DRIVERS MEETINGS - Driver meeting are mandatory.   Be there! Any foreseeable changes to the  program or format will be announced at the Drivers’ meeting, and those announced changes take precedence over the written rules for that Event.  Failure to attend a Drivers’ meeting may result in Driver starting in the rear of the heat.  ALL junior Drivers (under 16 years of age) must have a parent or guardian present at the Drivers’ meeting with the junior Driver.


3.  REGISTRATION/PILL DRAW - Drivers must register at the PAMM table. ONLY the Driver is to pull the pill. 


4.  LATE ARRIVALS - If you are a late arrival and miss the pill draw, you will be assigned to a heat race group.


5.  You must be able to go out with your assigned group in order to receive qualifying laps. You will be assigned to tag the tail of a heat race if you do not qualify.

6.  Any Driver whose race car is not pit side for his/her respective heat race will not be allowed to run the consolation or tag onto the rear of the feature, unless otherwise determined by Track or PAMM Official.


7.  All Feature events are subject to a 30-minute time limit, unless otherwise determined by the Race Director.


8.  Anyone deliberately delaying the racing program will be disqualified.


9.  PROTESTS - The Tech Official reserves the right to reject any protest that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, is frivolous or intended to harass another Driver or to otherwise gain some unfair competitive advantage.


10.  Absolutely no used tires shall be dumped or left behind on the race Track. All disposal of tires is the responsibility of Drivers. Violators will be fined and/or suspended at official’s discretion.

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