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Think, Type, Post

Social media is inherently risky. With the right knowledge, tools and approach, you can minimize these risks while maintaining communication with your audience. Social media “posts” includes but are not limited to personal comments, blogs, photographs, videos and graphics. “Internet sites” includes but is not limited to social networking platforms, personal websites, affinity websites, chat rooms, texting apps, messaging apps, photo and video sharing apps and sites, blogs, forums and websites with comment sections.

PAMM is an organization where everyone is expected to treat all persons as they should be treated - with dignity and respect. “Online Misconduct” is the use of electronic communication to inflict harm. Some examples include but are not limited to hazing, bullying, harassment, discriminatory harassment, stalking, retaliation or any other types of misconduct that undermines dignity and respect.


Commenting, posting and linking to material that violates the PAMM Standards of Conduct are prohibited, including posting negatively about Members, Participants, Officials, Tracks, Facilities. 


Members and Participants who do not adhere to the following guidelines may have their comments and privileges edited or removed.  In extreme circumstances, Members may be expelled from PAMM Events.  

“Rules of the Road” for Online PAMM Members

  1. When you’re online, you’re in public — so act like it.

  2. Don’t do or say anything online you wouldn’t do or say in public.

  3. Treat everyone online how you’d like to be treated. The “Golden Rule” applies even online.

  4. Words and things you say/ post matter.

  5. Images can be taken out of context.

  6. Cool off before responding in anger.

  7. You’ll never agree with everyone online.

  8. Anything shared online, although intended to be private and confidential, has the possibility to become public — if it’s best left unsaid, don’t say it. If you don’t want it shared, don’t post it.

  9. Consider what messages are being communicated and how they could be received.

  10. Information intended for just friends and family can always be forwarded, so be deliberate about what you share.

  11. Think Before Posting “Think before you speak” applies to conversations on social media too. It’s incredibly easy to type something you might regret later – and once your comments are out there, they can always be used against you, even if you delete.

  12. Protect your privacy and your friends’ privacy too by not sharing without their permission.

  13. And unless you’re prepared to attach that post, text or photo to your next college application, security clearance package, or resume, again, stop and think before you post.

  14. Please express your opinions and comments without name calling and insults.  Be respectful and civil to other Members, even if you disagree with them.

  15. Any unacceptable content (including but not limited to posts, user names, or subject lines) will be deleted.

  16. We do not allow harassing, threatening, abusive, or obscene language or behavior to include but not limited to bullying, stalking, personal attacks; vulgar, hateful, violent or racist language; slurs, stereotyping, hate speech, and other forms of discrimination based on any race, color, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

  17. Participation in, encouragement, or suggestion of any illegal behavior is cause for immediate deletion and suspension of posting privileges, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  18. No articles, news reports, or other copyrighted material may be posted without the permission of the relevant copyright owners.

  19. Flooding or spamming on the PAMM website, social media pages or any medium of PAMM is not permitted.

  20. Do not publish your own advertisements of any kind. Advertising or soliciting on behalf of yourself, businesses or not-for-profit organizations will be removed;

  21. Defamatory statements or comments will be removed (i.e., making negative personal, speculative or untrue comments about anyone/businesses too).

  22. Anyone posting disparaging remarks about the PA Micro Midgets, PAMM Officials and/ or Track Officials on Social Media or otherwise may be subject to suspension and penalties, depending on severity.  Remember we will always keep integrity at the forefront.

  23. Social media should never be used in a false or misleading way, or by making misleading statements.

  24. Posts deemed as spam and/or explicit commercial endorsements will be removed.

Violation of social media policy might be cause for removing Member from posting sites, and may be basis for taking disciplinary action (including termination of membership), also to include penalties within federal, state and local law.   Of course, nothing in this social media policy is meant to discourage Members from exercising their rights to use social media. Social media plays an integral role in reaching out to and growing our fan base. It is a way to give fans direct interaction with Drivers, Members, Sponsors and Spectators. This policy, if used correctly, will only enhance and brighten this experience for all parties involved.

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