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Meet the Drivers

Meet the drivers of the 300 and 500 PA Micro Midgets, the talented and skilled racers that make the PA Micro Midgets what it is today. They are the ones responsible for bringing excitement and energy to the track, where they showcase their exceptional driving skills and compete for the title. Every driver has their own unique story and journey, but they all share the same goal – to be the best in their respective category. If you want to witness some of the most skilled drivers in the racing world, come see our drivers in action!

This page is under construction.  Drivers and their profiles are being added and updated.  Please be patient.

Ryan Voland #13
Jeff Walls JR 3rd Place CROPPED.2.jpg
Zippy First CROPPED.png
Tim Cropped 2.png
..Cody Johnson HEAD SHOT Cropped.png
Ott 1st Place.png
#00  Andy Ketterman  CROPPED.png
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