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PA Micro Midgets

Standards of Conduct (“RULES”)


The Rules set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such Events. These Rules shall govern the condition of all Events and by participating in these Events, all Participants are deemed to have complied with these Rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of our compliance with these Rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a Participant, Spectator or Official.


Participants may suffer bodily injury, death, loss, or damage to property during a PAMM sanctioned Event. Participants who enter a PAMM sanctioned Event acknowledge the Event site is suitable for racing and they understand and assume the risks that relate to dirt-car racing Events.  The Participant voluntarily assumes the risk of such losses and agrees to indemnify PA Micro Midgets, Race Track, Track Officials and other Participants for such losses and agrees to not sue such persons for such losses.


All Participants are required as a condition of entering the Track to sign all required forms, including such releases as determined by PAMM and as well as the Host Track Officials requirements.


PAMM makes no representations, express or implied warranties that the compliance with the Rules and Regulations posted by the Host Track or sanctioning body will guarantee against injury or death to Members, Spectators or Participants or damage to personal property. Safety is the responsibility of the Participants of the Event.


It is the responsibility of the Participant to be familiar with the contents of these Rules and to comply with its requirements.  Do not leave it up to Track Officials to catch all potential Rule compliance problems.  That responsibility rests first and foremost with YOU — the Participant.


PAMM Rules shall apply at all PAMM sanctioned Events. All Participants are subject to the Rules of the PAMM and are expected to know the Rules. These Rules are a guideline as to what is permitted and/or not allowed. If these Rules do not explicitly say it is permitted, then you must contact the PAMM to identify if the part in question is permitted for competition. An expressed ignorance of PAMM Rules by any Participant will not be recognized as a valid argument for failure to comply with PAMM Rules. Some Tracks may have amendments, additions or other adjustments to the Rules for a class. It is the responsibility of the Participant and Driver to verify these Rule differences prior to competing at an unfamiliar Track.


PAMM reserves the right to add to, delete, supersede or modify any Rule, exhibit or drawing that the PAMM deems necessary for the conduct of Events and/or safety of Participants. All amendments are effective on the date of publication by the PAMM regardless of when a Participant subject to the Rules receives actual notice of the amendment.




The Driver is the Individual controlling the operation of the race car. The Driver is expected to understand how to operate the mechanisms which control the speed, direction and braking of the race car, , also referred to as a Participant.


Emergency Medical Personnel means all certified and licensed personnel which provide emergency medical care for an ambulance service.


An Event (or “Race”) means a PAMM-sanctioned competition between two or more Drivers and their race cars.


A Member is an individual who has joined the PA Micro Midgets, also referred to as a Participant.


An Official is any individual participating in the exercise of authority for enforcing or interpreting these rules. The Official may also make judgments concerning the conduct of Participants and Drivers and declare penalties for breaches of these rules, as well as perform technical inspections on any race car. The combination of Officials may vary from week to week and from one race track to another.  An Official can also be referred to as a Participant.


*”PA Micro Midgets” shall hereafter be simply referred to as “PAMM” throughout these Standards of Conduct/ Rules. PAMM Official(s) shall include all personnel employed as an Official or Race Director by the participating race track.


The Participant is any individual that has been permitted to enter the Event for the purpose of competition racing, etc., including but not limited to Drivers, crew members, race car owner(s), sponsor(s), Spectators, family members, photographers, media persons, other people involved with said race car, Driver, any person or persons engaged in selling or displaying products. The Driver is also considered a Participant. Any Member of PA Micro Midgets is also considered a Participant.


The Race car is an automobile designed solely for competition on race tracks, controlled from within by a Driver.


The Race Director is an individual that has the 'overriding authority' in a number of areas during a race, working with Officials to give out orders. The Race Director controls practice, qualifying and the race, making sure that the timetable and rules are followed properly. The Race Director shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the Officials. Their decision is final.


The Race Track (or “Track” or “Facility” or “Host Track”) is a location of a sanctioned PAMM Event.


A Spectator is an individual who watches races or events, also referred to as a Participant.


Toxic behaviors…at work, at home, or on the internet — eat away at team cohesion and erode trust. Toxic behaviors cause us to hesitate, to second guess, to look over our shoulders instead of moving together at full speed. Toxic behaviors make us weaker; they cede advantage to the enemy. Toxic behaviors are not for winners; they are for losers. They have no place in our Navy.”

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson


We are guests at each Facility we attend.  PAMM Members, Participants and Drivers are reminded to conduct themselves accordingly. Disciplinary actions against Members shall relate to the severity of the offense. Any of the following actions will not be condoned and will subject the Participant to reprimand, race penalties, fines, suspensions, disqualifications of participation in a Race or Events, expulsion from Track(s) for a period of time to be determined by PAMM Officials, suspension or expulsion from membership in the PA Micro Midgets.


Participants are responsible for the conduct and actions of their Car-Owners, Drivers, crew members, sponsors and family members.  Any conduct or actions by a Participant deemed inappropriate by PAMM and/ or Track Officials shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action by the PAMM and/ or Track Officials. Standards of Conduct expected from PA Micro Midgets Members and Participants at PAMM sanctioned events to be followed are listed below along with listed inappropriate conduct (includes but is not limited to the following) -

1.  Giving, offering, promising directly or indirectly, a bribe in any form to any person having official duties in relation to a PAMM Event, to any Drivers or to any person or Participant having charge of or access to any micro midget race car.


2.  Participating in unfair and/or illegal practice or misbehavior in connection with PAMM activities in general whether relating to competition or not.


3.  Conspiring with any other person or Participant for the commission of any corrupt or fraudulent practice in relation to PAMM activities.

4.  Inciting or being a party to create a mass walkout or set down at any PAMM Event.

5. Inciting a group action shall include, but not be limited to

  • any action or threats against a PAMM or Track Official, sponsoring organization during a race Event and/ or club function

  • encouraging a mass exodus of Drivers after registration

  • the circulation of petitions

  • verbal haranguing by Member, Driver, the Driver’s family or pit crew.


6. PAMM Alcohol & Substance Abuse Policy prohibits the misuse of alcohol, narcotics, prescription drugs and any other substance used in a manner that affects safety or impacts the integrity of the competition, including but not limited to, illegal or performance enhancing substances. All PAMM Participants are responsible for whatever goes into their body.


Any appointed Official of a Host Track is an extension of PAMM and the Race Director’s authority and has the right to question anyone acting in an abnormal manner as the result of alcohol consumption, use of narcotics or drug use.


Any PAMM Member in association with a Participant who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol, narcotics of any kind or any judgment-impairing substance will be expelled from the race and escorted off the premises together with the entire crew and vehicle associated with the offender. Consuming alcoholic beverages prior to the final checkered flag falls is strictly prohibited.  Violators will be ejected for the program and/or suspended indefinitely from future Events. 


Participants are prohibited from using, having in their system, possessing, purchasing, selling and/or participating in the distribution of any drug that is illegal to possess, use and/or distribute by the laws of the United States of America and/or any of its 50 states, regardless of the amount, at any time. Illegal acquisition and/or illegal distribution of any prescription or over-the-counter medication are strictly prohibited at any time. Violation of this Substance Abuse Policy shall be cause for immediate and indefinite suspension from PAMM.

7.  Running a vehicle other than race car or track preparation equipment on the Track.

8. CHILDREN. Children under 16 years of age are to be supervised by a Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult.  The Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult must be present at the location that Children under 16 years of age are participating in a PAMM Event.  This includes under-aged sanctioned Drivers.


9.  FIREARMS.  The possession of firearms, explosives or weapons may be prohibited on speedway grounds, regardless of whether a federal or state license to possess the same has been issued to the processor. PAMM follows the policy of each Facility regarding firearms.  It is the responsibility of the Member/ Participant to verify each policy for each Facility.


10. No loud music or boisterous behavior during Events.


11.  PAMM and Track reserve the right to refuse to accept the entry of any race car, Driver or Participant without cause or recourse.  Furthermore, PAMM and Host Track reserve the right to revoke or cancel any entry, or any Participant’s claimed right to be on the Track’s premises, if it is determined that a Participant’s presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the sport of auto racing, other Participants, Spectators, Officials and/or of PAMM.


12. Be respectful and civil to other Members, Participants, and Officials, even if you disagree with them.


13.  We do not allow harassing, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful, violent, vulgar, or obscene language or behavior.


14.  No speeding in the pit area.


15.  Adhere to the Facility rules.


16.  Abide by all jurisdictional, county, state and local laws.Anyone breaking the law may be subject to arrest.


17.  Members and Participants shall not assist, aid, engage and/ or organize practices, try-outs and races for any classes under the PA Micro Midgets, including but not limited to 300 and 500 classes.


18.  Any Member or Participant who defies or violates the intent or spirit of the PAMM Rules shall be considered to have engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct and shall be dealt with accordingly and swiftly by PAMM.


19.  If any Driver is involved in an accident and, in the opinion of the Race Director, after consulting with the Emergency Medical Personal, it is not advisable for him/her to continue, he/she may be disqualified for the remainder of the Event. If the Driver has qualified for a feature or B-Main Event that has a payoff associated with the last place finishing position, the Driver will earn any pay or points for that position as medical suspension by PAMM & Track Officials supersedes the requirement to attempt to start an even to earn pay/points.


20.  Anyone Participant or Driver transported to a hospital as a result of an accident during a PAMM sanctioned Event must have written permission by a treating physician to continue racing.


21. In the case of Drivers who have been injured away from a PAMM Event, or who have been hospitalized for treatment and/or undergone surgery, or have been fitted with a cast, brace or prosthesis, or who suffer from a chronic or progressive debilitating illness, PAMM reserves the right to require the Driver to present certification from the treating physician, stating that the participation as a Driver will not exacerbate any medical condition or complicate the process of normal healing.


22.  PAMM further reserves the right to require such certification in the case of pregnant women wishing to participate in racing Events. Any female that is racing in a sanctioned PAMM Event that is pregnant must notify PAMM and Track Officials prior to racing.


23.  In any such case, PAMM reserves the right to decline the entry of any individual whose participation might endanger their health or safety, or the health or safety of other Drivers, Participants, Officials or Spectators.


24.  Anyone involved in an accident on the Track or in the pit must report it to the Track office and/or call the Track to fill out an accident report. Insurance carrier needs a report before any payments will be made.


25. It is the responsibility of the injured person to notify the Track management if medical attention was or is necessary. This must be done within 24 hours of the accident. ANY DRIVER WHO IS INJURED WILL NEGATE INSURANCE BENEFITS WHEN THAT DRIVER RETURNS TO RACING.

26.  Anyone caught cheating, including but not limited to

a.  Forgery of official papers

b.  Anyone deliberately delaying the race program

c.  Any Member, Participant or persons assisting in the falsification his or her aged. 

d.  Illegal modification their race car, including but not limited to components of the engine and other parts/ materials with the intent to compete illegally or defraud the race officials by such modifications or actions, will result in the loss of points and awards for that event.PAMM the right to impound any illegal parts for further review. If found with the intent to cheat, Member, Driver, any Individuals will lose all points for the season and be suspended for a minimum of one year.

27.  All Members and Participants of PMM Events are responsible for any property they damage while on at the Facility.  This includes but is not limited to the following -

a. Dumping grease or oil on the ground

b.  Dumping tires or debris of any kind on Track property

c.  Positively no waste dumps on race Track/ Facility. Violators will be prosecuted.

d.  Members, its Participants and invitees must report any and all spills involving petroleum products or other hazardous substances to Operator’s facilities maintenance staff IMMEDIATELYe.  No tires, batteries or vehicle parts may be left at Facilities.


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