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Pit Vehicles

The use of pit vehicles, golf-carts, four-wheelers, auxiliary/ tow vehicles, trucks and other motorized equipment are a privilege and NOT a right. All golf carts, ATV’s and other motorized equipment are only permitted if they are used to move race cars and/or equipment to/from the Track, scales or work area. The use of these types of vehicles as personal transportation or joy riding will not be permitted. If these vehicles are used for anything other than to facilitate race cars or the racing program, they will be removed from the pit area.  Members and Drivers will be held accountable for their pit vehicle, if they are operating it or not.

  1. Pit vehicles are to be used for race car support only and must display the race car’s number

  2. It is the pit vehicle owner’s responsibility to obtain and carry liability insurance coverage on said vehicle.

  3. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate a pit vehicle.

  4. Crew members must be inside the confines of the pit vehicle, tow vehicle or inside the bed of the truck with the tailgate in the up position. Crew members are not permitted to sit on tailgates or stand on running boards while the vehicle is moving.

  5. Any resistance will result in the driver’s disqualification.

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