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Chaplain Services

Supporting Dirt Car Racing Through Prayer

***Participation is strictly a volunteer effort.


The PA Micro Midgets are committed to spiritual well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Chaplains help ensure that we are caring for the whole person, not just their physical condition or injury. Beginning March 2024, the PA Micro Midgets are honored to offer our staff, officials, drivers, their families and crew, chaplain services led by Traci Walls and Andrew Dietrich.

I want the drivers to feel that they are central to my role as Chaplain. I want them to feel that they can approach me if they feel they are in need of support or guidance”. 


Traci Walls, Chaplain

What Does a Chaplain Do?

Traci and Andrew provide truly nondenominational spiritual guidance and support to the racing community—and, most importantly, do not attempt to persuade someone from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another.  You do not have to belong to a specific faith group or consider yourself religious to benefit from a chaplain’s services.


Traci and Andrew can provide spiritual guidance to individuals who don't have access to formal religious counseling offered by their faith of choice.

A chaplain’s role is defined as a person who offers spiritual and pastoral care to those in a clinical or social setting. As a rule, chaplains are theologically educated, have a strong background in their faith walk and have a calming spiritual presence at all times. A chaplain regardless of their belief system does not encourage one belief system over another. A chaplain does not “push religion” but instead offer a calm spirit and giving personality in both good and bad times. 


Chaplains help create a sacred space for people of all faiths and cultural beliefs in stressful, life-changing or transitional moments to find meaning, hope, connection and comfort by enabling them to identify and draw upon their own sources of inner strength.


Chaplain Benefits, Spiritual and Religious Services

Any driver, staff member, official or family member, regardless of religious affiliation, is welcome to speak with a chaplain. Many race car drivers and their families find that working with a chaplain helps them develop appropriate strategies for coping with the stress, grief, and anxiety that often accompany making important decisions.


Through post-driver’s meeting, pre-race, pit-side and one-on-one prayers, teams, drivers, their families and officials are afforded the opportunity to pray with Traci offering those in the racing community the ability to further develop and nurture a personal relationship with God.


Chaplain Supportive Spiritual Care

Chaplains provide religious, spiritual and existential services such as:

  1. Prayer after the drivers’ meeting, for those wishing to participate.

  2. Individual prayers with drivers, crews, families and officials as requested. 

  3. Blessing of the cars, crews, drivers, families and/ or officials.

  4. Offer support and encouragement.

  5. Help to find meaning, renewed hope and comfort.

  6. Spiritual, religious and grief support.

  7. Stress reduction and enhanced coping.

  8. Discuss your expectations and help you cope with the emotions that accompany performance on and off the track.

  9. Assistance with decision making and communication.

  10. Socialize with drivers, crews, officials, families - serving in a capacity in a pastoral care role. This is, including but not limited to, blessing of the cars and crew, private conversations at events, the voluntary provision of reading materials for private reference. 

  11. Fostering newcomers to the series as they adjust to what can be a hectic day of “hurry up and wait”, getting to know the newcomers as well as meeting the veteran drivers. Foster and encourage teams to forge friendships beyond competition. 

  12. In the event of an on-track incident, the chaplain’s involvement will be at the request of the family/crew. Although rare, this event may be necessary to address, the chaplain may be made available to attend to hospital visits, but only upon request.  

  13. When there is a lull in activity, hopefully before warm-ups and heat races, lead personal prayers with drivers and crews.

  14. Support when you are making difficult decision.

  15. Support if you want to reconcile with someone, or with God.

  16. End-of-life issues.

  17. Referral and linkage to internal and external resources - Assistance contacting a member of your faith community (priests, rabbis, and others).

  18. Provide counseling on faith-related issues, supports you and your family during difficult conversations and offers prayer, if desired.


What A Chaplain Cannot or Should Not Do?

  1. A chaplain will not intervene in any on track dispute, as this is the responsibility of the track officials and series staff.  

  2. Will not act as an intermediary in any said disputes or physical assaults. But if called as a witness to an event, chaplains are expected to give an accurate account to the best of my ability, if having any knowledge or witnesses to events. 

  3. Will not push drivers, families or crews to feel compelled to pray with the chaplain. This is strictly a volunteer effort and will not have any change in future interactions. 


 “I want this to be a driver-fed ministry. I would like input and insight into what our drivers and their families’ hopes and plans would be for my upcoming role as chaplain.”


In Christ’s Great and All-Encompassing Love, 

Traci Walls, Chaplain 

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