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Welcome to the PA Micro Midgets

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Whether you are looking to join as a driver or just watch the races, you will find the perfect fit at


PA Micro Midgets is a wingless micro sprint racing organization, racing 270 or 600 chassis with Honda 300ex engines and 500 ninja engines.  PA Micro Midgets IS the premier resource destination for 300 Micro Midgets and 500 Micro Midgets. At PA Micro Midgets, we strive to make the world of dirt track racing accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to providing an exhilarating dirt track experience to our members, drivers, spectators and host tracks.  PA Micro Midget sanctioned races feature the industry’s cutting edge 300 and 500 micro midget cars, designed for maximum speed, safety and performance. 

We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive micro midget racing experiences in the area, with our team of experienced staff ensuring that each event is run with the utmost precision and safety.

We specialize in providing a safe, fun, and competitive environment for all levels of drivers, no matter if your first time on the track or as a seasoned veteran.  We understand the passion that comes with the sport and strive to provide racing enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds with the most up-to-date, accurate information about 300 Micro Midget sand 500 Micro Midgets.


We look forward to welcoming you to the PA Micro Midgets. Come be part of the excitement and join us today.

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